Be Happy Boating
Be Happy Boating

How it Works


Find a boat.  

Sorry we can't help you here, this step is up to you.  


Request a quote.   

Ideally you want to request a quote prior to purchasing your boat since you could have the ability to put your protection package into the financing with your boat to create one easy monthly payment.  


Accept the quote.  

We will email you a quote within 24 hours of your request.  In the email we will list any other information we may need to create your contract.  A recent survey or inspection is required if you are purchasing a used boat.  If you do not have a recent inspection or survey a certified marine mechanic will need to fill out an inspection form.  You can find the inspection form here


Make payment.  

After you accept the quote you will be asked to make payment or sent the information you need to put the protection into the financing with your boat.  We do have the ability to put you on a 0% interest payment plan for up to 30 months based on the term of your protection plan.  


Be Happy Boating.  

You will be emailed a copy of your contract as well as receive an ID card in the mail.  From there you can be happy boating, knowing that if you have an unexpected mechanical issue it will be covered.  


In the event you have a mechanical issue.  

1) Contact any licensed repair facility in the U.S. or Canada. 

2) Alert repair facility you have an extended service contract with Protective. 

3) Repair facility diagnoses and calls 1-800-328-8690 before making repairs. 

4) Protective informs repair facility if repair is covered and authorizes exact dollar amount.  (This allows you to know exactly what you will be responsible for after your deductible.)

5) Repair facility makes repair.  

6) Pay your deductible to repair facility and sign repair order.  

7) Repair facility sends Protective signed repair order and is paid directly by Protective with check or credit card.  

8) You remain happy boating!