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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is your coverage better than other companies?

The FPC Marine Protection has high per occurrence limits as well as no limit on the number of claims a customer can have.  You have your protection for the term you purchase.  The protection is very inclusive on covered parts with extensive benefits.  

Can my contract be canceled or transferred?

Yes, one of the huge benefits on the FPC coverage is that is can be canceled at any time for a pro-rated refund.  It can be transferred to a new owner in a private sale.  This makes coverage a huge benefit for someone selling their boat.  

What factors go into the price of my contract?

Contract costs are based on multiple factors like year of your boat/engine, engine type, engine size, and most importantly when you purchase your contract.  

Why is it important that the FPC Marine Protection is backed by an insurance company?

By having your service contract backed by insurance it guarantees that you will have any covered repairs paid regardless of what happens to the service contract company.  FPC Marine Protection has been around since 1978 so we don't anticipate them going anywhere but it is an important component to check if you are shopping around.  

When is the best time to buy a contract?

We are able to offer the longest terms and best pricing when a boat is still under manufacturer warranty.  We are also able to offer great prices and terms on boats prior to you purchasing them.  Once you own your boat we are limited to a maximum of a 2 year term.  The best time to buy a contract is ALWAYS before you have a mechanical issue.